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  • Foundation:1981
  • Employees: about 30
  • Production area: 3000 qm
  • QM: ISO 9001:2015
  • Service: 24hours/365 days
  • Export countries: > 185
  • Export rate: 85%
  • Environmental management: ISO 14001
    (under way)

For more than 25 years Beil Registriersysteme rank among the worldwide leading suppliers of register systems for the printing industry.

Our core competencies include complete range of punches, benders, punch-benders and cutters for printing plates at any required configuration level.

Precision, reliability and safety are the three main factors appreciated by more than 40,000 on a daily basis.

We develop and manufacture high-tech systems, components and machines for the printing industry and for sections of medicine technology.

Our products fulfill the highest standards. They are industrially manufactured and calculated in line with market requirements. Our international market presence combined with first-class service and unequalled long-term guarantees have led the leading manufacturers in the printing industry to select us as their preferred supplier.

As a company managed by its private owner, we pursue long-term objectives and base our thinking and actions on the needs of our customers.

Our employees in development, production and management are regularly trained with a focus on quality. In addition, we are accredited to take on trainees, and in that capacity we have a direct influence on the knowledge and loyalty of our staff.

Solid supplier structures, our high vertical range of manufacturing combined with a comprehensive stock of serial equipment and an experienced logistics team makes us a reliable partner.