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Mechanic manufacturing Highly precise and high complex mechanic parts

Due to the pre-fabrication for the printing and medical technology we dispose of comprehensive experience in the manufacturing of highly precise and high complex mechanic parts and the modern materials science. These manufacturing technology and long-term experiences are in the mean time requested by numerous business partners throughout Europe.

Our capability profile in the mechanics includes the development and manufacturing of partial and complete solutions up to the care by our own after sales service. It includes chipping parts from rapid proto types up to the serial production for research and industry, also using special materials as well as constructive advice in the development and production.

Metal-cutting manufacturing
CNC-milling Welding
CNC-turning Polishing
Conventional milling Engraving
Conventional turning Simultaneous milling up to 4 axis
Drilling 3D-Measuring sensor system
Grinding CAD-CAM
Cutting off
Chip less manufacturing
Shaping of sheet


Surface treatment, electroplating, coloring
Electrostatic powder coating
Heat treatment hardening/annealing