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Novelties - Program change instead of tool change

The multi format hybrid bender made by BEIL realizes the bending angles of all common printing machines.

With the multi format hybrid bender, the BEIL Registersysteme GmbH will present a really innovative and cost-reducing highlight at the drupa this year (slated from Mai 29th, to June 11th, at the fair ground at Düsseldorf): At its booth C74 in hall 9 the Bavarian company will show a bender for printing plates which can be preset to the bending angles of all common printing machines by the intuitively operable software. This way, in the future each printing shop will get by with one single bender, even if they use printing machines of different manufacturers.

The bending angle for the bending plates is specified by the manufacturer of the printing machine. Up to now the angle by which the bender bends the printing plate had been determined by the tool. The logic consequence: If you need another bending angle, e.g. when having purchased a new printing machine - it had either been necessary to procure another bender - or to retrofit the existing bender. This would be little efficient, it neither spares the resources nor does it match the sustainability strategy of BEIL in any way. No wonder, that the company which is located in the region of asparagus south of the old Emperor's city of Regensburg will not be resting until the employees have found a solution for this problem:

On the multi format hybrid bender, the bending angle is set via the program-controlled step motor and can therefore be set to another wide range by intuitively operable software - also for double bending. The bending radiuses are realized by easily replaceable elements upon customer demand. The operator does not need any programming knowledge - he just selects the printing machine from the menu for which he would like to bend the printing plates. If the parameters of a printing machine are not yet stored on the device, the BEIL Registersysteme GmbH will make an update of the software available to you.

It is not only possible to process printing plates of different formats with the multi format hybrid bender. Thanks to its castors, the device is mobile and can also be used stationary on any flooring by means of its height adjustable machine feet. A camera system and a 17" industrial TFT display with touch screen will support the user in exactly adjusting the printing plates. During the bending process the printing plate is being retained on the table of the multi format hybrid bender by means of vacuum. The electronics of the bender can be operated with 110 V AC, 60 Hz as well as with 230 V AC, 50 Hz. For the vacuum intake the device requires a connection to a 6 bar standard compressed air network.

The low maintenance multi format hybrid bender is built with the re-known BEIL quality and possesses the CE sign. The protective cover which is monitored by sensors and a sophisticated control provide for safe working also on busy days. A transparent blue toned protective hood protects the mechanics of the bender.