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Order systems

With the increased diversity of printing plates there is a corresponding decrease in the request for each individual printing plate. At the same time, the number of feature requirements per printing plate will continue to increase. For a logistics solution this means that the single bundle, layer or batch order system must be taken into account as a complete concept.

Manual concepts or an automated order system can be selected as variations to the order system. The flexibility of each selected system allows for changes in the structure and the addition of new products (printing plates) to be immediately realized within the system.

Automated Order System Characteristics:

  • Efficient merging of individual components such as support systems, robotics or the loaders for the facility
  • Software supported processes with pre-calculated algorithms in view of the order sequence
  • Fully automated solution with high efficiency and precision

Manual Order System Characteristics:

  • Order management is organized by the storage management computer
  • Terminals serve as personnel management in order management
  • The order results are reported back to the system and thereby automatically documented