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Punches for printing plates

With a BEIL punch that is perfectly adjusted to your printing machine you can prepare your printing plates whilst taking into consideration formats and punching diagrams with the highest accuracy for printing.

Depending on the type of model, the functional operation of the printing plate punch is performed manually, pneumatically or electro-pneumatically.

The positioning of the printing plate is performed, again depending on the model, via depth and side stops with control lamp, system fixing pins, magnifier adaptation or camera system.

Depending on the performance requirements, different table models or free-standing models are available in the product ranges.

All models can be individually adapted to your requirements through different options.

Due to the robust quality construction, our products require low maintenance and are highly durable.

For all product parts only high quality materials are used, and most are free of plastic materials. In this way an environmentally friendly production as well as easy recycling are guaranteed.

Range of products choice

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