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Professional Teamwork.

The "Netviewer" solution offers us a unique way to provide you with immediate assistance. After starting this customer program, two parties can see each other's screens, can allocate each other authorizations via remote and work interactively.
This software does not require installation and is used intuitively.

And this is how it works:
You call your contact person via telephone. Your computer will need an active Internet access, so please check that to make sure it is available. Please click on the Netviewer logo when your contact person asks you to do so. No software is installed on your computer at any time!

When the Netviewer application is started you will be requested to provide a session number. Your contact person on the phone will provide this number. All is set - and we take care of the rest!

Your data and programs of course remain secure at all times. You see everything that we do via remote on your screen. In addition, you must approve each action via a separate confirmation. We take great care when it comes to your data!